Finale défilé - Fidé Fashion Week 2013

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The finale of the runway show organized for the Atelier Chardon Savard 2013 prize-winners at Fidé Fashion Weeks in Singapore on october 19th, captures the energy and the creative enthusiasm nurtured in the Paris-based fashion design school. Nofar Gabrieli, Soleyanne Baland, Ornella Mercadante & Guillaume Hernandez (Odessa), Elie Grandjean and Timothé Grand-Chavin, take their bow after they have gradutaed as fashion designers in january 2013.after they have been selected by an International jury chaired by Dr. Frank Cintamani to take part in Fidé Fashion Weeks this year, to launch their careers. Dominique Chardon Savard, the school founder and CEO, has accompanied them from Paris to Singapore. She is taking the bow at the side of these emerging designers who have spent 4 years of studies at Atelier Chardon Savard Paris.
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